Rose Petal Ice Cubes

 Rose Petal Ice Cubes

I know thatI will drink more water if it was creative, tasty, and colorful.  You received roses or you have extra raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, Blackberries in your refrigerator then let’s talk about making Ice cubes.

Rose Petal Ice Cubes

Rose Petals Ice Cubes

Fill the ice cube trays one-third full with the distilled water, and place them in the freezer.  (Frozen tap water can be cloudy because of the mineral content.)

Rinse the petals and buds. Pat dry.  (if using the flower)

When the ice is frozen, remove the trays from the freezer and add the petals and buds to the cubes.  Then fill the trays to the top with more distilled water, and refreeze.  Voilá!

After about 30 minutes, take a peek.  Push down any petals that have risen to the surface.

When the cubes are frozen, pop them from the trays and enjoy with friends and family.  Ah, yes don’t forget to add in your water thyme or mint.  A conversation to talk about and enjoy!

Ripe red strawberries and raspberries with ice cubes