Pichuberry Smoothie

I look forward every Saturday morning to the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market.  I met this gentlemen selling Pichuberry and that is all he is selling, narrow and deep.  Now I am hooked with this delicious Pichuberry newly discovered super fruit native to the rich volcanic soils of the Andes.  High levels of dietary fiber, Minerals, Antioxidants & Vitamins A, C, D, P, B complex, Thiamine, niacin and melatonin.  Certified Organic/GMO free

Organic Dried Pichuberries

I also use them with my hot porridge or on my salad and it’s a healthy snack for kids.

Check their website: www.pichuberry.com for additional recipes

Pichuberries are a good source of vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin P, and the B-complex vitamins B1, B6, and B12. By eating only 3 ounces of this power fruit, you’ll meet 37 percent of your daily required vitamin A, 13 percent of your required niacin, 18 percent of your recommended vitamin C, and 39 percent of your vitamin D requirement. (Percent daily values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet.)



Serves: 2    Serving Size: 1 cup

1/3 cup dried Pichuberry
½ cup carrot, sliced
1 whole orange, peeled
1 tablespoon chia seeds
¼ teaspoon ginger, minced
1 cup coconut water


1. Put all the ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. Add more coconut water until the smoothie reaches the desired consistency.  Recipe from Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD author of Peruvian Power Foods and Whole Body Reboot.

Pichuberry Mint Cocktail

Makes 1 Delicious Cocktail

1 1/2 oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka
4-5 Pichuberries
6-8 Mint Leaves
1 Tsp of Organic Raw Sugar or 1/2 oz of Simple Syrup
Sparkling Water or Soda Water

Add 4-5 Pichuberries


Remove the husks from the fichus and pull your mint leaves off stems. Add Pichuberries, sugar and a splash of sparkling to berries in order to muddle with ease. Mash berries well then add mint, liquor, then Ice and Shake to mix together. Strain into cocktail glass with Ice and garnish with mint sprig and Pichuberries;