Melon Juice

Melon Juice

When you go to the grocery store and your buying a watermelon add to your cart a honeydew.  Both taste so good together.  This is for Neka my grand-daughter, she loves watermelon. Great for breakfast


  1. 2 Small watermelons
  2. 1 whole yellow honeydew
  3. 1 whole crenshaw melon ( This is the most sweet succulent melon in the world)

Melon Juice 1 whole watermelon, peel, cut up  small in pieces and blend it in the blender.  Strain the watermelon through a fine strainer into a pitcher.

Sliced melon with seed on wooden board (also called as cantelope, cantaloup, honeydew, crenshaw, casaba, persian melon, and santa claus or christmas melon)

1 whole honeydew, peel, cut up small pieces and blend it in the blender.  Strain the honeydew through a fine strainer then pour it into the same pitcher you pour the watermelon.  Repeat the same with the crenshaw melon.  Mix all 3 of the fruit, Oh my, so good.

When ready, serve it in a glass with fresh cut up mint.

 Melons in season

All of the melons start to show up around the same time, in June or July depending on where you live. They are harvested until September or October.

If your not going to eat your watermelon then juice it same for any fruit and vegetables, don’t throw them away, juice them.

By the way,  Watermelon and Honeydew freeze well and adds a frosty texture to smoothies, cut them up into cubes then zip bags and freeze them.  Add them to your smoothies.

Watermelon, Yellow honeydew, and Crenshaw melon