How To Keep Herbs Fresh

How To Keep Herbs Fresh

Put herbs or leafy greens in a jar with water to keep them fresh for longer.

1. Increase air flow. Remove rubber bands or ties on the bundle.

2. Trim. Remove bruised leaves and give stems a fresh cut.

3. Add water. Add about an inch of water to a jar, put herbs in, stem down.

4. Keep cilantro, mint, and parsley in the fridge, covered with a plastic bag. Put basil in a jar on the counter, as cold damages the leaves.

5.  Change the water if it’s murky after several days.  Change the water and trim the stems every 1-2 days for best results.

Also, you could dry the Herbs.

Dry Herbs:

hbc-dj11-drying-herbs-srstock-57878632The best way to dry herbs is to make little bunches and tie them upside down on a line in a cool, dry and drafty place. You should have a small amount so that the circulating air can dry the herbs to the core…You may want to cover them with a cloth to prevent accumulation of dust. Avoid humid areas. The faster it drys the better for the herbs. No direct sunlight.

Use your dried herbs within six months because after six months they tend to loose their aroma. Store them in an airtight jar and store them away in a cool, dry place.

How to keep Basil Fresh

Basil Often called the ‘king of herbs. Basil is a warm weather crop and turns black quickly in the fridge. Store on the counter in a glass of water like a cut flower with the stem in the water, or wrapped in a dry paper towel in an airtight container.

Basil Medicinal

Fresh basil with water drops in a glass container
Fresh basil with water drops in a glass container

A study by researchers at Purdue University revealed that basil “contains a wide range of essential oils rich in phenolic compounds and a wide array of other natural products including polyphenols such as flavonoids and anthocyanins.”

The herb contains high quantities of (E)-beta-caryophyllene (BCP), which may be useful in treating arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases, according to research conducted at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Basil helps with stomach problems, relieves tension and headaches and cures insomnia. It is antipyretic and a means to increase appetite.
Snacks & Drinks with basil 
I love fresh Basil, Slice of Onions and Pita Bread or in a glass of water add thin slices of cucumber, fresh slices of lemons and basil. I also use basil in salads. Great io hot summer days.