Halloumi Cheese Balls Recipe

Halloumi Cheese Balls Recipe  

Halloumi Cheese Ball, in Greek it is call Halloumi Keftedes recipe from the famous Louis Ledra Beach Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus. The credit for this recipe goes to Chef Andreas Michael from the hotel.  You can find Halloumi cheese in the supermarket like Sprout, Wholefoods, AJ’s, and MiddleEaster Grocery store, specialty store or online.

Store it

An unopened package of Halloumi will keep in the refrigerator for up to a year. Once opened store in salt water in the fridge.

You could Grill  Halloumi, serve it in an omelette, Halloumi dip fry with coconut flour and za’atar spices serve with yogurt, lemon zest and a dash hot chili sauce, Halloumi pie, Halloumi burger, Halloumi in soup and fried Halloumi without using oil on a salad.

Grilled Halloumi on a stick

You can find Halloumi cheese at your local grocery store or order it online 8oz a pack of 10 here

Halloumi Cheese – 8.8 oz (Pack of 10)


2.1 oz Halloumi Cheese, grated
2 boiled potatoes, grated
1.7 oz Anari cheese, you can substitute ricotta cheese made from goat or sheep’s milk, (grate the Anari)
2.8 oz semolina, you can find at the local grocery stores
1 free range egg
3-4 fresh mint leafs, chopped
Salt and Pepper to taste

In a bowl add all the ingredients and mix well. Shape them in a golf ball, heat over a medium high heat oil pan and deep fry until golden brown, serve with a salad and Ouzo.  Delicious!

About Halloumi Cheese:

Halloumi is a traditional Cypriot cheese, it is firm, fresh cheese from Cyprus that can be grilled or fried without melting or even used in soups.  Halloumi cheese is especially great fried and serve with watermelon, melon, and also grated over pasta or pizza.

Anari cheese is a fresh mild whey cheese produced in Cyprus. Anari is a fresh ricotta style soft, mild whey cheese, made from goat or sheep’s milk.  In Cyprus, Anari is among the lesser known cheeses but has started growing its popularity after public exposure. Anari is consumed either fresh or dry.

Fresh Anari is white, soft with a mild sweet creamy taste. This cheese is very rich on protein and low on fat, due to which it can be easily digested. It is mildly salted and usually served at breakfast with honey, jam or fill in pastries. Fresh Anari should be consumed soon as it is very perishable.




Ouzo is a strong alcoholic drink flavored with anise.  It is served on ice, accompany with the appetizer/mezedes.  Cheers!

Let go of stress of the perfectionism… Enjoy your meal friends and family!