Eggplant with prunes

I was invited the other day at my friends house for dinner and she made Eggplant with Prunes, oh my gosh, it was so delicious. I like to share this recipe with you all because it’s healthy and unique.

Eggplant with prunes


2 eggplants cut in large pieces
1 cup yellow split beans – clean and wash
1 Pound pitted prune
4 pieces dried lemon skins
1 white or red onions, diced
I tbs Turmeric
1 tbs Caraway
salt and paper to taste
2 cups of water
Olive oil

Heap of yellow dry split peas


Peel eggplants and cut into four lengthwise slices. Soak in a large container of water and 2 tbsp salt to remove bitterness. Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse and pat dry. Brown the slices on both sides in 3 tbsp of oil.
In a pot add split peas along with 2 cups of water, add salt and pepper to taste. cover and cook for 20 minutes. Add the eggplant, pitted prune, lemons, onions, Turmeric, Caraway, salt and pepper to taste. Cover, and simmer for 45 minutes longer. Add water if needed. Serve with rice.