Eggplant Parmigiana

This recipe is from my friend Giangi’s kitchen Eggplant Parmigiana without meat.  I love it, and I am sharing it with you. Why reinvent a delicious dinner when it is already done for you.



2 pound eggplant
1 pound fresh or canned San Marzano Tomatoes
A couple of leaves of basil
2 Mozzarella cheese
Olive Oil
Salt and pepper


Clean the eggplants and remove the skin and the top core.

Cut the eggplant lengthwise, making sure to keep the same thickness

Place the cut slices over a cutting board and cover with salt within each layer

Place over another cutting board and make sure it is in the sink slightly tilted so all the bitter juice will drain off.

While the eggplants are resting start the tomato sauce. Peel the garlic and place in a pan with a glass size of oil. Golden the garlic, squeeze it and toss it.

Add the tomatoes. If using fresh, then cook for a few minutes in hot water, then peel them, cut in half, remove seeds and cut them into fillets. If using canned, give it a few turns in the blender. Add salt and pepper and the basil. Cook at low heat for 5 minutes and then remove the basil.

When the eggplants are ready to fry, dry them with paper towel and fry 3-4 slices at the time with plenty of hot oil (not smoking or they will burn).When golden, remove and place on paper towel.

When tomatoes sauce and eggplant are ready, start putting together the parmigiana. In an oven proof pan, add a layer of tomato sauce, cover with eggplant slices next to each other.

Cover lightly the eggplants with tomato sauce, a rich layer of Parmesan cheese. On top of the Parmesan add the mozzarella thinly sliced. Add a small amount of salt over it.

Make another layer of eggplants, tomatoes, cheese as above. End with eggplants covered with tomato sauce

Add fresh Parmesan cheese. If there is mozzarella left cut in small pieces and add on top.

Cook the parmigiana in the oven at 400 for 35 minutes. The top crust should be golden and when cutting the cheese stringy

Let it rest for 10 minutes before cutting and serve.