Dandelion Tea


Dandelion Leaves, I love a cup of tea in the winter months and I see more and more dandelion at the farmers market or at Wholefood market and Sprout.  Let’s make Dandelion Tea.  Dandelions are a diuretic and can help to reduce water retention and bloated feelings.  They can also help rheumatism.  This tea acts as a mild laxative so should not be drunk in large quantities.  Walking in the woods, maybe the earth has something to spare, yes Dandelion.

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion Leaves, Water, coconut nectar or honey

  1. Remove any stems from the dandelion leaves.  Tear them into strips and place in the bottom of a mug.  Pour on enough boiling water to fill the mug and leave to stand for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Strain, discard most of the dandelion leaves and drink.  If you prefer a sweetener, add a small tespoonful of coconut nectar or raw honey.

Another simple recipe for the cold and summer nights.

Greek Green Leaf's Recipe with Lemon and Olive oil
Greek Green Leaf’s Recipe with Lemon and Olive oil


In Cyprus, my mum use to cook for us Greek “Horta” dish using several green leaves including Dandelion Leafs.  I love it especially with lemon and olive oil, salt and pepper.


Vegetable recipe with Dandelion’s

Greek Green Leaves (Horta) Recipe

Bunch Organic Swiss Chard
Bunch Organic Kale
Bunch Organic Spinach
Bunch Organic Dandelion

1 1/2 cups of water or more
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Salt to taste
2 lemons
2 garlic cloves

Wash and Cut all the green leaves in bite size pieces,and the garlic cloves. If your using the kale with thick stems tear the leaves off the stems and discard stems.

In a large pot, add water, bring to a boil and add greens and the garlic cloves. Cover. Boil until stems and leaves are soft depending upon which greens you use. Check after 10 minutes by tasting to see if greens are tender and continue up to 20 minutes. Add more water if needed. discard the water when done, then add the juice of 2 lemons with the extra virgin olive oil according to your taste, salt and pepper. Let sit for a few minutes in warm pot with flame turned off. Serve on plate or in bowl.  Bon Apétit!  Serve with a rustic bread.

This makes 5 to 6 servings. Make extra since it tastes delicious the next day.

10 reasons + you should use Dandelion in  your salad, tea, and smoothie

  1. High in Calcium
  2. Rich in Iron
  3. Loaded with Antioxidants
  4. Low Calories ( I cup of Dandelion greens has 25% calories)
  5. Detox and Cleanse the liver
  6. Lots of Minerals ( iron, potassium, and Zinc)
  7. In Europe, dandelion leafs are used in remedies for fever, boils, eye problems, dieabete, and diarrhea
  8. Stomach problems
  9. Appendicitis
  10. Breast Problems

Did you know,

Dandelion Roots
Dandelion Roots

Recent studies done in Windsor University in Canada discovered that the dandelion root might be particularly efficient in healing and or even preventing cancer, much more than the immune system-destroying chemotherapy.

Particularly, as mentioned by the university in the press release, the researchers are extremely confident that they have discovered the proper dosage of extract for effective cancer treatment. They are planning clinical trials using a specifically developed dandelion tea. ~Lifehack.org