Carrot Juice 3 ways

Carrot Juice 3 ways 


Carrot Juice for your eyes only.  I feel my eyes are getting worse so I decided to follow WebMD advice “Carrots are high in vitamin A, a nutrient essential for good vision”.

Carrots for your eyes only

Carrots are packed with vitamin A and Vitamin C, which fight viruses and help heal skin.

The vitamin E in Pecans and other nuts helps slow the progression of macular degeneration by about 25% meaning it helps prevent free radicals from damaging eye tissue.

Ginger a peppery, sweet taste, great for colds, and Watermelon is another good source of lycopene and therefore supports healthy vision.

Carrot Juice



Makes one big glass
3 medium to large organic carrots
1 cup of watermelon in season
1 cup of organic red apple in season
an inch of ginger
4-5 raw pecans


Put all the ingredients into the juicer.


Another simple way to make Carrot Juice

  • 1 cup (240 ml) water
  • 1½ cup (180 g) carrots, halved
  • 1-2 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 cup (130 g) ice cubes


Simply put all the ingredients into the juicer and you are good to go for the day!  Voila!

Carrot Juice, for your eyes only

A third way to make Carrot Juice

5 medium organic carrots, peeled
2 red apples, halved and cores removed
1 finger piece of ginger, peeled
1/8 teaspoon ground turmeric, or 1/2 finger piece tumeric
1/4 organic lemon, peel and juice
I never leave without my lemons!


Using a juice, juice carrots, apples and ginger.
Add turmeric and lemon, stir well. Easy and healthy.