Basmati Rice Recipe

Basmati Rice Recipe

The best way to make basmati rice dish is by using the best quality ingredients with luscious herbs and spices for flavor.  Did you ever wonder why you add herbs and spices for your dishes and wonder why they are healthy? Why is it so important to use Mothers Herbs and Spices and why your kitchen is the most important room in your house… because your spice cabinet can become your medicine cabinet.

A Rice Dish using spices will enhance the flavor.

Rice, what to do before cooking:

Make sure you rinse the dust and the starch thoroughly with cold water then soak it a couple of hours in water and all it does is to speed up the process for cooking.

Basmati Rice Recipe


2 cups Basmati 400 grams of rice (Rinse the rice thoroughly with cold water)
3 cups cold water before cooking
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 Cardamon
2-3 star anise seeds, and anise seeds
A couple drops of rose water 
Sea Salt and Pepper to taste
Gordon Ramsay say’s it right, how to cook the perfect Basmati Rice

 Greeks use Anise in liqueur, ouzo, pastries, tomato sauces and meat dishes.

Star Anise plant

In the Greek folk medicine, brews of anise seed are said to be good for your nerves,also people try taking star anise for respiratory tract infections,lung swelling (inflammation), cough, bronchitis, the flu (influenza), swine flu, and bird flu. Star Anise seeds provide a sweet taste similar to that of black licorice when used in foods.


A – 2 Cups of Basmati rice in a pan after you make sure you rinse the dust and the starch thoroughly
with cold water or soak it a couple of hours in water and all it does is to speed up the process for cooking.
B – 3 Green Cardamom pods, break the seed pods to allow the flavor to come out. The seed pods are of various plants in the ginger family.  It has a strong aroma flavor.
C. – Rose water a couple of drops 

D – 3 Star Anise, and sprinkle Anise Seeds next add 2 1/2 Cup Cold Water bring it to a boil and simmer down 8 to 10 mins with the lid close.

Very important

E – Do not lift the lid up until ready.

F – Remove from the stove, take out the Cardamon pods and Star Anise then fluff the rice gently with a fork and serves 4.

If you love Extra Virgin Olive Oil as I do, I drizzle the extra virgin olive oil on my bowl of rice, and because I also love lemons, I add a half of juice of a lemon (optional). It’s ready to eat even without the extra virgin olive oil and lemon. Thank you chef, Gordon Ramsay.

You can also substitute basmati rice with Quinoa, Millet or Amaranth or even graded cauliflower.  

They have less arsenic .

Different ways to spice up your basmati rice: with this dish, add saffron, pineapple, capers, cut up mango, cherry tomatoes etc…and serve as a meal. Use your imagination and add what you love. Bon Appetite!


1/2 cup avocado oil
3 Cardamon
1 inch piece cinnamon stick
1 Bay leaf
2 green chili
1/2 tsp turmeric
1/2 cup chopped onions
3/4 cup tomato purée
2 tsp ghee
1 tsp salt
1 cup coconut milk
1 1/2 cup of rice, soaked in water, clean, rinsed


Add all the ingredients except the rice and coconut milk. Cook about 5 minutes mixing it then add 1 cup coconut milk, 2 1/2 cups of water, simmer 5 minutes. Add 1 1/2 cup soaked rice, mix well, cover and cook for additional 12-15 minutes. Be creative!

Health Benefit on Rice

Basmati rice builds body tissue and is very rich in prana or vital bio-energy. In fact, plain rice is a good snack, too and it doesn’t really disturb the inner digestive fires.

Basmati rice can be cooked in an amazing variety of ways. Usually this kind of rice is used to cook special saffron infused pulao, biryani and sweet rice pudding with fruits, milk and speckled with a dash of ghee. It can also be combined with beans, nuts, cottage cheese, and vegetables for wholesome and nutritious dishes.

Basmati Rice with Star Anise, and Cardamon

Among all varieties of rice, brown basmati rice provides the most benefits for your health and nutrition. Brown basmati rice is basmati rice that has not had the outer bran layer removed. It is considered healthier as there i more vitamins and fiber present in the outer bran layer. Brown basmati rice contains about 20% more fiber than other types of brown rice. This fiber helps prevent the formation of cancerous cells in the body. Brown basmati rice is unprocessed (unpolished) and thus contains more nutrition and vitamins than other forms of polished rice. Brown basmati rice is perhaps the healthiest rice one can eat. The benefits of basmati rice are many, and they increase even more when you eat the rice in its natural unprocessed form as brown basmati rice.

*According to Dr. Oz, buy Basmati Rice from India, Pakistan or California because of low arsenic. “Research conducted by the Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Rice Industry shows arsenic levels found in U. S. Grown rice are below safe maximum levels established this year by the World Health Organization.” USA Rice Federation. 

How To Cook Perfect Rice

Long-Grain White Rice: 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water

Short-Grain White Rice: 1cup of rice to 1 1/4 cups of water

Brown Rice: 1 cup of rice to 1 3/4 cups of water

Step 1 – rinse your rice thoroughly before cooking

Step 2 – let the water boil first, add the rice, stir, then simmer and add the lid

Step 3 – Do not remove the lid when it’s simmering

Long-Grain white Rice 18 min on simmer

Shor-Grain White Rice 15 Min on simmer

Brown Rice 45 Min on simmer

Flavor Rice:

Add olive oil over high heat pan, next chop onions or shallots or even garlic anything that will give it a flavor. I even add raisins, cook for 30 seconds to a minute until golden brown then add the rice give a stir until fully coated with the onions and olive oil about 30 seconds, add 1/4 cup of white wine, 2 cups of chicken stock to add flavor, pinch of salt.

White Rice vs Brown Rice:

White and brown rice have many differences. First of all it is the husk that gives the two varieties of rice its distinguished names.

The brown rice gets its name from its natural brown husk and the white from its white nature after it has been polished.

White rice is polished rice. For making white rice, the bran is removed from the grain.It is further polished to make it white and smooth. But in brown rice, the outer layers remain intact.