Almond Milk

I have been wanted to make Almond Milk for a long time and now finally made it and it’s so easy.

Almond Milk

1 Cup raw almonds, soaked 4-6 hours or overnight
4 Cups water
2 Tablespoons coconut oil, optional
1 tsp vanilla
Pinch of sea salt
Nut-Milk Mesh Bag

If you want it a little sweeter add 1 Medjool Date

Make sure you have Nut-Milk Mesh Bag size: 2 Quarts You’ll be using it as a strainer.

Almond Milk
Almond Milk

Toss the almonds into a high-speed blender or processor and pour in the water. Buzz until the water becomes milky white.

In a bowl with the Nut-Milk Mesh Bag pour the Milky Water that you just blended into the Nut-Milk Mesh Bag.

Using your hands, squeeze and knead the bag until it is fully strained. You will need to store the milk in an airtight container in the refrigerator. I use Mason jars.

Reuse the leftover almond pulp as a seasoning over salad, use it with hummus, oatmeal, smoothies, for cookie or muffin batter even with crackers and you can freeze it.

Almond milk in glass bottles
Almond milk in glass bottles

(WholeFood Marketplace sells them for $12.99) Or I found it at Amazon for $9.95 Organic Hemp Nut Milk Bag. Organic Hemp Nut Milk Bag – Extra Large 12″x12″ – Reusable All Purpose Strainer Bag – 100% Natural, No Harmful Chemicals – Free E Book of Nut Milk Recipes and Tips..

A great video How & Why I Make My Own Fresh Almond Milk

I love making my own Almond Milk

Organic white almond milk in a jug

Homemade Almond Milk

1 cup raw almonds 2 cups water, plus extra if needed Optional for sweetener honey, maple syrup or mama root powder Preparation Place almonds in bow, cover well with water and soak 8 hours minimum or 36 hours max. Drain almonds and rinse well. Place in blender and add 2 cups water. Blend on high speed until almonds are finely ground and water is white. Drape cheesecloth over a large bowl and slowly pour blended almonds into bowl. Lift and gather sides of cheesecloth, twist to close and squeeze to press out milk. Taste milk and stir in sweetener of choice. Store refrigerated in airtight container. Makes 2 cups of milk.